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Cultural Hacking the Social Media Machine

TweetBy Javier de Rivera This is post is dedicated to a presentation on Data Commodification made on February 13th at MediaLab-Prado (Madrid) by Walter Langelaar, a media artist from the Netherlands based in New Zealand. Walter has taken part and is responsible for projects like Web 2.0 Suicide Machine, and more recently It was […]

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Bruno Latour’s “Aramis or the love of technology” – Critical commentary

TweetBy Javier de Rivera In this book, Latour addresses the social and political factors implicated in the development of technological projects. To such and end, he uses the case study of a failed technological project: Aramis, an innovative public transportation system developed in France between 1972 and 1987 that, despite its apparent technological interest and […]

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The electoral machine

TweetThese days some journals rejoice reveling the secrets of the Tech Team that helped Obama to win the last election. The exciting narrative of how the intrepid team of the candidate decided to use the power of new media to enhance their chances, and how nerds get in the house to help them, hides something […]

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Roots of Alternative and Activists New Media

TweetThe second chapter of this book by Leah Lievrouw is dedicated to the Roots of Alternative and Activist New Media, which means its aim is to establish the framework where the genre studies of following chapters are going to fit, creating a whole view of the new social movements in the digital era.  This theoretical […]

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Teknokultura. Journal of Digital Culture and Social Movements – Call for Papers

TweetTeknokultura: Journal of Digital Culture and Social Movements is a peer reviewed online (Open Access) interdisciplinary journal published biannually, now managed by the research group Cibersomosaguas (Complutense University of Madrid). The journal is dedicated to publishing theoretical and empirical works on relations between society and technology with particular emphasis on the conditions, factors and cultural […]

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What’s new in New Media? Discussing Lievrouw’s Alternative and Activist New media

TweetBy Javier De Rivera The next book I’m reading is Leah Lievrouw‘s “Alternative and Activist New Media“, and I’ve chosen to write about it while reading it, chapter by chapter. In the first chapter, Lievrouw discusses about what New Media is and its main characteristics, a good way to introduce the rest of the book, […]

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Evgeny Morozov: The Net Delusion – How not to liberate the world (Book Review)

Tweet INTRODUCTION Considered one of the best books of the year 2011 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Net Delusion offers an interesting analysis of the relation between Internet development and its political consequences, with an special emphasis in what is happening in authoritarian governments. In many ways, this book is more about policymaking in […]

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Social Media and Social Movements

TweetThe recent events in the North of Africa and also in Europe have thrown the discussion over the influence of Social Media and Social Networking sites in this new social movements, that seem to be quite spontaneous and horizontal, with and incredible capacity of self-organization that remembers the network paradigm of coordination without centres. I […]

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Why a Social Media Sociology?

TweetThis blog is the english version for Sociologia y Redes sociales, a blog I’ve been writting since February 2010. It also represents a new phase in my research over the changes that Social Media Networks had introduced in our world: what I call the second sociology of social networks. In the first boom of Facebook […]

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